( ( ( Radio Smiles ) ) )

Emanating from here to there. We are now on the air for you.
Over the past few months we have been setting up, tearing down, moving, grounding, re-grounding, soldering, clamping, twisting and turning all that we can to get music out into the air. And although I'm sure there will constantly be more tweaking to do, we are officially Denton's own part 15 station.
Over the next several weeks we will be adding in some programming for you. Including new, old, and live music, talk, community events, arts, literature and things you just need to know and hear. Please join us in this sound experiment and spread the word. As always we are interested in finding the outskirts of our domain. So, send us an email and tell us where, when, and through what kind of device you tuned in from, so that we can add you to our map.
Thanks for listening.

Real Radio

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