Evidence Vol XCIII : OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 3

DJG returns to the Fold for the Third Time is the Charm episode of Offramp. Apparently, he had been involved in some deep contemplation, and was just beginning to understand the Universal Third Eye when Daug dragged him back to the Real Waves Womb. However, he learned much, as you will hear in his excellent assessment of minimalism in the 20th century. DJ Jeff Daug throws a few wrenches into the mix; DJG counters with an unusual choice for his "You'll Never Guess Who" segment, and, all in all, this could be one of the more "offramp-ish" episodes. Listen anyway, and LEARN. 

OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 3

1. A Certain Ratio "Winter Hill"
2. Silent Servant "Invocation of Lust"
3. Prurient "You Show Great Spirit"
4. Werner Haas "Preludes: Book 1, L117 - Danseuses de Delphes" (Claude Debussy)
5. Pascal Rogé "Gaspard de la Nuit: II Le Gibet" (Maurice Ravel)
6. Pascal Rogé "Gnossiennes III - Lent" (Erik Satie)
7. Burning Spear "Door Peeper"
8. Love Joys "All I Can Say"
9. Pharoah Sanders "Astral Traveling"
10. Herbert Henck "Musica Callada: I Angelico" (Federico Mompou)
11. Daniel Pollack "Interlude 1: ("For Jeanne") Adagio, Ma Non Troppo" (Samuel Barber)
12. Darkthrone "Valkyrie"
13. Black Breath "Sentenced to Life"
14. Edgar Winter "Above and Beyond"
15. Pete Warner "I Just Want to Spend My Life With You"
16. Gladys Knight "It's Better Than Good Time (Walter Gibbons 12" Mix)
17. Philip Glass "Metamorphosis Three"

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