Evidence Vol XX : Tiger Dick

As promised here are the last three knockout shows given to us by the folks in Tiger Dick.  Nevada Hill and Sarah Alexander keep sharing some of the most outrageously interesting music.  Beyond the acts mentioned below are some true gems including Dope Fiend Blues by Allen Ginsberg recorded by legendary folk archivist Harry Smith in the Chelsea Hotel in 1971, Eddie Murphy's notoriously bad but hilariously fun smash hit Boogie In Your Butt, and Teresa Munywoki, whose has become a regular on Tiger Dick, sharing a live rap as well as a recording of her assumed posse Triple T Murder Crew.

Tiger Dick 10

...Musica Elettronica Viva, MC Lucious, Testicle Hazard, Olivia Newton John...

Tiger Dick 11

...Current 93, Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton, Bongwater, Steaming Coils...

Tiger Dick 12

...Fahrenheit 451, John S. Hall & Kramer, Luigi Russolo, Nu Shooz...

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