Evidence Vol XLV : Fake Parts 1

Fake Parts 1 : Shane English (Corporate Park) on August 29, 2012

We proudly introduce the first episode of Fake Parts, a new show from Sashenka L (Cuckoo Byrds, Orange Coax, CTR) and Julie M (Vulgar Fashion, Deaf Names, CTR). Julie and Sashenka have been co-collaborators on multiple video and audio side projects for over 8 years. Julie is a graduate student in New Media at UNT and Sashenka recently returned from a library project in Ethiopia. Julie, having been friends with the creators of Tiger Dick, saw the opportunity to venture on a new endeavor and suggested that she and Sashenka try a new project together. "I figured it would be good for you" Julie said to Sashenka during their first show - in efforts to help her friend transition back to the US. Within 1 month, the two started Fake Parts with Real Waves!

Listen to 'Fake Parts 1' as they dive deep into rare terrain with Shane E, of Corporate Park, The Undoing of David Wright, and Discipline, featuring underground Japanese music in the late 70's. Julie and Sashenka fawn over Princess Stephanie of Monaco, encourage mysterious call-ins, and never apologize.

    ...RNA Organism, Cacoon, Tollerance, Vox Populi, Air Darla...

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