Evidence Vol XLVII : Fake Parts 3

Fake Parts 3 : Andrew Michael (Vulgar Fashion) & Shiloh on September 26, 2012

Fake Parts 3 makes for a Vulgar Fashion night with both Julie and Anrew Michael DJing along with partner in crime Shiloh, who was featured in the latest VF video in the Violitionist sessions. Sashenka and Julie first met Andrew Michael, an avid fan of their first project together (CTR), in 2005/2006. The three became friends through their ritual support of the House of Tinnitus (noise house venue), now Out of Body Records. Vulgar Fashion has been an ongoing  project since 2009 born out of a collaboration in Rival Gang (post CTR) and Divorce - an epic witch hunt. They played their first show at The Castle of Luxurious Diamonds (COLD) where Sashenka, AM, and Julie lived during an epic house show which included //TENSE// Nu Sensae, Orange Coax, and Divorce. They are soon to release their first LP.

In this epic dance session you will hear: some new wave such as Delta 5 and Lilliput; a tribute to Amadou & Mariam;  a salute to composer Paul Le Flem;  favorites including no wave Nu Sensae and Lucrate Milk; and in remembrance of the record that AM gave Sashenka - a little Flash Dance to reminisce on some tough relationship recovery together. 

Trax : 

  • Siouxsie & The Banshees = Il est ne le divin enfant
  • Medio Mutante = Mutant Monaco
  • Tuxedo Moon = In the Name of Talent
  • Camoflauge = Great Commandment
  • Dif Juz = No Motion
  • Chromatics = Healer
  • Valeria Lukyanova = Endless Eternity
  • Celtic Frost = All Side 2
  • Duran Duran = My Own Way
  • Taboo = Death to False Magic
  • Missing Persons = Surrender Your Heart to Me

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