Evidence Vol L : Fake Parts 6

Fake Parts 6 :  Sean, Kathryn Falvo (DISCIPLINE), & Andrew Haas (Public Health/DISCIPLINE)

Fake Parts 6 showcases just a few of the DJs from Discipline, a regular electo industial brutal dance night, operating in Denton, TX. On a last minute leg, I asked Sean P and Kathryn F to guest on the show... within a few minutes of sending Kathryn a text request... I got a message from A Haas asking to add on as well. Although I wish they all had more airtime, the show was killer! Julie and I played some of our favorites including Duchess Says, Carol, Mars, and Lucrate Milk, but kept it to a minimal mixing of vocal trax to give the guests space to move around. 

As Haas later wrote on FB, "You probably missed this live but here is the podcast for the Fake Parts episode KathrynSean and I guested on. Lots of things you'd hear at Discipline plus 'remixed' interviews with Veronica from Minimal Wave Records and DFW's very own Farah plus other live radio tomfoolery. No Humans Allowed."

Track Specifics:
  • Flying Lizards = Hands to Take
  • German Shepherds = THC
  • CHBB (Chrislo Haas & Beate Bartel) = Neger Braucher
  • Esplendor Geometrico = Relax
  • A.C. Marias (Angela Conway) = Drop 
  • Malaria = Through Me
  • Genocide Organ (Tesco Organisation) = Death to China 2 
  • Illusion of Safety (Daniel Burke) = Experience 
  • Pacific 231 (2) & Ennaiaam = Good Fucking, Tracy With Atha Cliath

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