Evidence Vol LXI : Fake Parts 17

Hosts: Sashenka (Nepantlera de La) & Julie
Theme: Numbers Stations
Featuring Global Locals: Poussy Drama

Sashenka's Trax Sample:

  • The Conet Project
  • Aphrodesia - Say What
  • Kreayshawn - Bumpin Bumpin
  • 3 6 Mafia - Bin Laden Weed
  • Frank Ocean - Novacane
  • ESG - Moody

Numbers stations are shortwave radio broadcasts using human voices, Morse code, songs and occasional cartoon characters. They broadcast in several different languages at pre-set times on specific frequencies. Numbers stations have been in use since WWI. They are illegal. No government has acknowledged their existence. The messages transmitted are believed to be encrypted. Check out the Conet Project : http://www.irdial.com/conet.htm ; read Simon Mason's text, Secret Signals, found here: http://www.simonmason.karoo.net/page30.html or listen to this receiver: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/?tune=12850 .

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