Evidence Vol LXXXIV : OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 1

We are happy to share with you the first episode of Offramp ~ Detours In Music.  Jonathan "DJG" Graham and Jeff "Daug" Stanfield dig deep into their collections to bring an assortment of sounds that cover the known universe. In their world, dub, techno, new age, disco, metal, fusion and countless other genres exist as one amorphous blob of kosmiche otherness. Tune in to forget about your long work week and your dumb boss.

OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 1

1. Pat Metheny "Are You Going With Me?"
2. Cluster & Eno "Wermut"
3. John Cage "In A Landscape"
4. Peter Green "Burnt Foot"
5. Aluk Todolo "Occult Rock I”
6. Alcest "Faiseurs De Mondes"
7. Muslimgauze "Return of Black September"
8. Dead Can Dance "The Fatal Impact"
9. Pan American "Starts Friday"
10. Brown Sugar "I'm In Love with a Dreadlocks"
11. Carroll Thompson "Mr. Cool"
12. Dennis Bovell "Scientific"
13. Jah Wobble "Blowout"
14. Patrick O'Hearn "Downhill Racer"
15. Tony Carey "Enjaw J"
16. Psychic Ills "Meta"
17. Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things "Albatross"
18. Donald Byrd "Cristo Redentor”
19. Vangelis "Rêve"

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