Evidence Vol LXXXIX : OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 2

Special guest DJ Hushpuppy is sitting in for the formerly omnipresent DJG...and takes control! Listen as Jeff Daug fumbles to keep up with Hushpuppy's wild passion for Texas and music. And, man, what a selection he brings. Just check the track listing below and then listen to the show. Feel the Power of Texas!

OFFRAMP ~ Detours In Music 2

1. 13th Floor Elevators "Slip Inside This House" 

2. Doug Sahm "Beautiful Texas Sunshine" 
3. Bobby Patterson "How Do You Spell Love" 
4. Esteban Jordan "Canta al Pueblo" 
5. Ronnie Dawson "Rockin' Bones" 
6. Shin Joong-hyun & the Yupjuns "Let's Unite" 
7. Kim Jung-mi "The Sun" 
8. He6 "Theme 2. 4/4 For Guitar" 
9. Swamp Dogg "Total Destruction To Your Mind" 
10. Junior Kimbrough "Meet Me In The City" 
11. Donnie & Joe Emerson "Dreaming Wild" 
12. 15-16-17 "The Weather" 
13. Harry Mudie & King Tubby "Roman Dub" 
14. The Congos "Fisherman" 
15. Delroy Wilson "Funky Broadway" 
16. Desmond Dekker "Israelites" 
17. The Sir Finks "Mazatland Stomp" 
18. Caetano Veloso "Coracao Vagabundo" 
19. Pinkish Black "Passerby" 
20. True Widow "Minor It Down" 
21. Absu "Those Of The Void Will Re-Enter" 
22. Dolores Boys "Tear Wager" 
23. Bobby Rush "Poon Tang" 
24. Bobby Blue Bland "Two Steps From The Blues" 
25. Lightnin Hopkins "Hard To Love A Woman" 
26. Darkthrone "Dead Early" 
27. Big Boys "Identity Crisis" 
28. The Hickoids "Corntaminated" 
29. Molina & Johnson "Almost Let You In" 
30. Molina & Johnson "In The Avalon/Little Killer"

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